How and Why do Pod Systems work well with Nic Salt E-liquids?

How and Why do Pod Systems work well with Nic Salt E-liquids?

Because of the way in which salt-based e-juices are formulated, they can only be used with pod mod systems. These days, it’s very easy to find an enormous variety of these kinds of devices for your nic salt vaping needs. Many of the top vape hardware manufactures have released several styles of pod mods that each come with unique features and brilliant visual designs. From draw-activated and simplicity systems, to temperature and low resistance types, there a pod unit for every vape level out there.

Now, vape juices containing salt-based nicotine are only compatible with pod mods because this type of juice must be used with a device that has a low output level. Otherwise, the liquid can burn and irritate the user’s throat.

However, few vapers mind this restriction, as weird as that might be. Pod mods are extremely beneficial in a number of ways.

  • Renowned for their portability. Typically, pod mods are pocket-friendly, meaning that the vape enthusiast no longer has to walk around with a large box mod during the day.
  • Very user-friendly. Before the discovery of salt-based nicotine, vapers who wanted to enjoy a satisfying dose of vapor had to use large box mods that came with lots of settings and components that required regular maintenance. Now, vapers can use these small devices that typically require little maintenance and virtually no understanding of vaping technology.
  • Many cigarette smokers have finally been able to make the switch to vaping. This is because pod mods are far less intimidating than conventional devices.
  • More affordable than other types of mods. This is due to their small size and simplified technology.

Because of the popularity of this style of vaping, many reputable brands such as Mad Hatter Juice have released lines of salt nic e-juices. Several pod mods come with refillable cartridges that allow the user to explore a wide array of flavors that meet their need

Source: Mad Hatter

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